MAO Yuqiu

Lauréat 2021



(MAO Yuqiu, dite MAO)

Who is the artist / who are the artists that inspire you?
lI like Philip Hammett’s comics and Jimmy Corrigan’s books, and I love the combination of Nevin Aladag’s installations and performance; she inspires me a lot.

What art venues or events are you excited about?

Nevin Aladag showed an installation in which women in high heels were invited to dance on a piece of metal in a square. As they danced, the piece of metal continued to deform and make loud noises, each indentation representing their movements, either deep or shallow, sharp or soft. I have not  visited the exhibition, but I feel the power and beauty of the forms in the written descriptions and images of the work, trapping me in the sound space of the box which created by these women.

2 of your favorite songs/music?
Gerard Darmon – And The Winner Is
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Hassan Hajjaj or Mary SIBANDE ?
Mary Sibande, I love her dramatic costumes and her interpretation. When I saw her, I felt that I saw many people telling, words without sound to transport.